Our Story

Born and raised in Bloomer, Wisconsin, I had a magical childhood and grew to look at the world with a sense of awe. From my mother’s means of turning nothing into something, to my father’s love of adventure - I have been blessed with picking up both of their passions and carrying it into my life.

Married at 19 and leaving all that we knew to follow our own dreams of adventure, my husband and I started our new lives in Minneapolis and I quickly discovered my passion for decorating & entertaining. From dumpster diving to repairing everything worth salvaging, we came into our own unique style.  

Since then our lives have taken us across the country and back again to where our hearts never left - northern Wisconsin. We’ve been blessed to travel far and wide but there is truly no place like home - our family & friends; the culture, tradition and sense of community; the serenity and the feeling of love and support are like no other.

Which brings us to today, after many years and many adventures we have decided to settle down and start a calmer way of life… ok not really… how boring would that be?! But when my husband retired I knew it was an opportunity to cross one more thing off of my bucket list - starting my own boutique!

After all the years of collecting, repairing, and looking at things differently than most, it’s my goal to now share these fun things with others. Hopefully you’ll find that "It’s My Lucky Day Unique Boutique" will be a fun and inspiring place for you to discover unique products old and new… because being unique is what makes us us and life worth living!

Hope to see you soon!